On education, wealth and cake

Okay I know we are all wired individually and are at once the same and profoundly different.  I have an opinion about things that others may or may not share.  But for the life of me, even though I know many see things differently than I do, I cannot understand why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to cut funding for education and many important social services. The money is there to pay for all of this.  It is simply not being allocated for it. Seems to me that all American children (all children everywhere) deserve a quality of life, good health care and a good education.      If we steadfastly committed to this in our country with the national will and our monies,  we would be a strong, healthy and wealthy nation. One in which the rich could have their cake and we could eat it too.


One response to “On education, wealth and cake

  1. You’re right. We’ve got the means. We have to make sure and redevelop the will and the vision!

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